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By: Fran Miller | Nov 18, 2014

Perhaps it was more than serendipity that brought Renee DeWeese and Rena Wilson together eight years ago. Friends, family and clients might call it destiny. The two co-owners of Lamorinda Theatre Academy share more than their similar given names; they both love Lamorinda, they both love teaching, and each is incredibly talented. This potent amalgam is further enhanced by a shared entrepreneurial spirit that has led the two to success both on-stage and off.

It was 2006 when DeWeese and Wilson met during auditions for Walnut Creek's Diablo Theater Company’s (DTC) production of Peter Pan. Each was in awe of the other’s talents, and each was relieved to learn they were auditioning for different roles. “Renee is a fabulous dancer,” says Wilson. “I asked her for help with my choreography.” “And Rena is a fabulous singer,” echoes DeWeese, who sought Wilson’s help with her vocals. They got the parts, and spent the following three months in happy collaboration. READ MORE