MISSION | Cultivate confident individuals through technique-based training in singing, dancing & acting.

OBJECTIVE | Rena & Renee believe in the importance of arts education. Both are accomplished artists who value their education and experiences.

Along with technical skills, a major component of their programing is to teach students about the history of their craft and expose them to the local arts community.

All teaching artists are finger printed and submit to background checks. They have been notified and educated about mandatory reporting laws and responsibilities, are offered CPR and first aid training and certification, and attend annual instructor retreat where they are trained to uphold specific teaching standards.

Teaching Artists are trained to uphold the following standards in every class and program:

Safety & Security              Discipline
Encouragement                Organization & Preparation
Individual Attention         Technique, respect, and history of the craft

HISTORY | Best friends Renee DeWeese & Rena Wilson joined forces in 2011 to create Lamorinda Theatre Academy in Lafayette. Renee & Rena have been working with children and building arts programs throughout the Bay Area for over a decade. Together they created a professional; technique based performing arts Academy.

STUDIO CLASS TUITION POLICY | Studio classes are offered in three sessions: FALL (Sept. - Dec.), WINTER/SPRING (Jan. – June) and SUMMER (June – Aug.). Each session tuition must be paid in full upon registration. Holidays are listed below. Missed classes will not be refunded for any reason. Tuition will be prorated if joining a class after the first week and during open enrollment period. A multi-class discount of $17 per each additional class per family will be offered. A processing fee of 30% of the total tuition is non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Winter/Spring session includes a $15 non-refundable recital fee. Tuition includes an additional fee for CA paid sick leave act enacted July 2015.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM & SUMMER CAMP TUITION POLICY | Tuition must be paid in full upon registration. Students who have not paid in full by the first day of class may forfeit their participation in the program. A processing fee of 30% of the total tuition is non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel any program or camp that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Tuition includes an additional fee for CA paid sick leave act enacted July 2015.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM & SUMMER CAMP POLICIES | Policies and details for each specific program/camp are communicated through an electronic Parent Packet emailed to parents one week prior to program/camp start date. Confirm we have the correct email address on file and check spam folders if you are not receiving weekly email during programs/camps. Please note the following disclaimer you will receive along with Parent Packet.

PARENT DISCLAIMER: upon receipt of this email, parent assumes responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with the contents of the attached electronic Parent Packet. Any concerns they may have with the policies enclosed MUST be communicated with the owners prior to their child’s attendance in the program.

PAYMENT POLICY | Tuition payments can be made by check or credit card (VISA, Master Card or Discover, we do not accept AMEX). Checks can be made out to Performing Academy. Account statements will not be sent out unless your account is overdue. There is a $20.00 processing fee for all past due accounts and a $30.00 charge on all returned checks. Declined or expired credit cards are subject to an additional $20 fee. Tuition is due in full upon registration. Students who have not paid in full by the first day of class may forfeit their participation in the program. Dropping a class or program prior or during open enrollment period is subject to a processing fee of 30% of the total tuition.  No refunds will be given after open enrollment ends.

REGISTRATION | A registration fee of $15.00 per new student ($25 per new family) is required to reserve space in a class or program (This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable). Class and program availability is on a first come basis. Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid. If there is a break in enrollment, you may be required to pay a $10 ($20/family) re-registration fee upon returning.

CUSTOMER PORTAL | All clients have an online customer portal to store enrollment history, student information, billing, and emergency contact information. Please make sure all information is up to date.

To log onto your customer portal follow these simple steps:

Click the LOGIN in the upper right corner of the homepage www.lamorindatheatreacademy.com. Your username is the email address we have on file. If it is your first time using the portal click I don’t have or don’t know my password and one will be emailed to you. Medical and Emergency information can be added under the STUDENT tab on your portal.

PARENT OBSERVATION | LTA encourages parents to be involved in student’s training.  Parents will be invited to watch the final class each semester to see the skills students have learned.  Parents are welcome to watch at the window as long as it is not distracting to the teacher, student, or other students in the classroom.

PRIVATE LESSONS | Private instructors are in charge of their own scheduling, cancellation, and payment policies.  All payments for private lessons must be made directly to the private instructor.

DRESS CODE POLICY | Hair must be secured back off the face. Proper shoes & attire must be worn to all classes. CLICK HERE

ATTENDANCE | Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. It is important that your child attends class every week. Attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back and disrupt an entire class.

PERFORMANCES | In December we offer a Parent Observation Week for parent’s to come and observe class and students will demonstrate skills they have learned and present an informal performance of their work. In the spring we hold a studio recital for all classes to perform in a theatre.


Students must wait inside the building to be picked up.
No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult.
All students must use the restroom before they begin class.
Please try to keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible.
Students must use the cubbies and lockers for their belongings, please do not set them on the lobby chairs.
Please do not interrupt the teacher while the class is in session. If you need to speak to the teacher, please do so before or after the class. If necessary, you may make an appointment.


No food or drinks of any kind are permitted in the studio. Students are not permitted to chew gum.
Dance shoes are not to be worn outside for any reason. They are to be worn inside only.
All students must be in proper dress code while attending class. Appropriate shoes & clothing must also be worn to all classes.
Hair must be secured off of the face.
Please make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class.
Children should not touch the mirrors or the viewing windows.
Absolutely no running in the studio.
Students must respect their teachers and fellow students at all times.

BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS | When you register online you agree to our Behavior Policy. If a student violates the behavior policy they will be removed from the class without a refund. If your child has any special needs or learning challenges, please communicate with us. We want every student to thrive and feel safe in our programs & classes.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dPdFsPO2e9nG_frWPMjZHmdxIrWJ-V05/view?usp=sharing